Rigid Tube Light Tunnel

Bring natural light into the darkest interiors with Light Tunnels! These sun tubes are ideal in cases where there are no opportunities to install roof or vertical windows. They are a sustainable, energy-saving solution that transmits natural light directly from the roof into your interiors.

Rigid Light Tunnels are recommended when there is a straight, unobstructed path from the roof to the ceiling, although they can be maneuvered slightly.

Features include:

Rigid light transmitting tube

The light transmitting tube is made of aluminium, covered with a highly reflective silver based layer, characterized by a high efficiency light reflective factor of over 98% (compared to a new mirror reflective factor of 90-95%).

Roofing Element

This consists of an aluminium frame into which 4mm thick toughened glass is bonded. The light transmitting tube is fitted to the inside profile of the frame. The roofing element is made of aluminium sheet metal and is integrated with the flashing.

Ceiling Frame

The new ceiling frame is made of organic glass and is equipped with a built-in light diffusing element. The cover is manufactured of high-impact polystyrene in a white opaque colour.


The elbow allows the angle of the light transmitting tube to change in the range of 0-90°.